Get Your Groove On! Visit Music City U.S.A.


Get Your Groove On! Visit Music City U.S.A.

by Amy Lignor


For some, it seems like choosing a vacation destination is extremely difficult. However, if you’re looking for a perfect “menu” that includes: sites to see, history to be learned, the best restaurants imaginable, and enjoying the heck out of each and every day while listening to the ‘best of the best’ music imaginable, then there is only one choice…Nashville!

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Nashville’s very first celebrity, believe or not, was the famous frontiersmen Davy Crockett, who was known far and wide for his colorful fiddle playing. As time moved forward, Nashville literally grew to become a national center for music publishing. So how did it get the nickname, “Music City?” Well…you’ll most likely be surprised. It came about when the first around-the-world tour by a musical act was made by the Fisk Jubilee Singers, who happened to come from Nashville’s Fisk University. It was upon playing for the Queen of England that the queen stated the Fisk Jubilee Singers must come from “Music City.”


There is no question that any historian or visitor who simply wants to go to some of the coolest places located in the United States, will love traveling to Nashville. The historic venues that you and your family or friends can be a part of makes up a list a mile long.


Start your visit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Not only will you experience the evolution of one of the fastest growing music genres, but you will also see how country music influenced other genres of music, explaining why Nashville became and remains the epicenter of the country music industry.

Just up the street from there is the Parthenon at Centennial Park. Here, you’ll find a full scale replica of the Greek Parthenon (no, not kidding at all.) You’ll learn why Nashville was called the “Athens of the South” before British royalty ever dubbed it “Music City.”

Next…the Ryman Auditorium – the home of the Grand Ole Opry – awaits. Literally nicknamed “Carnegie Hall of the South,” the Ryman’s unrivaled acoustic qualities has caused it to receive the prestigious “Theater of the Year” award seven times. In other words, this is the best auditorium to experience live music. The Opry is still staged live every week and continues to ignite the careers of hundreds of rising stars.


On to Music Row. This is a true empire for musicians and visitors. Recording studios, record labels, entertainment offices – anything and everything you can think of make up this area and is a whole lot of fun to delve into.


As the “Songwriting Capital of the World,” when it comes to being “discovered” as a writer, the famous Bluebird Café still showcases songwriters performing their original music. Here you can be a part of it all as you walk through these doors, following in the steps of some of the most famous talent in the world. Sit, drink, eat, and listen to the music performed in a venue that continues to launch songs and writers each and every week.


Take in the Walk of Fame Park during your visit and have a blast! Nashville is not all country and western music; this city has literally become a hub for pop, rock, bluegrass, jazz, classical, and more. Artists galore have chosen to call Nashville home, and running into one of the best musicians on the planet is not unheard of when visiting the city.


Do not miss those world-famous honky-tonks, either. Live music can be seen and heard every day and night of the week in Nashville, and Lower Broadway – with those neon lights and music streaming out of doors and into the streets – cannot be missed. There’s no cover charge, but don’t forget that the bands need your tips.


“Music City” has proven for over 200 years that it is the place to go for music, while also soaking in the historic ambience and having a whole lot of fun. So…Get Your Groove On, America! Head to Nashville for your next vacation and discover a destination that you will want to visit again and again.


Source:  Baret News


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