Woman Hits Husband With Jeep, Speeds Away

An angry Elko woman was arrested on battery and domestic violence charges after nailing her husband with a Jeep last Friday.

The husband got out of the car at a Maverick gas station to make a phone call on a pay phone. No sooner than he lifted the receiver, his wife, 27 year old Jennie Williams, got into the Jeep and tried to speed away. The husband ran back to the car as Williams proceeded to hit the accelerator and hit him, who was scooped up onto the hood.

The couple were separated at the time of the incident.

After hitting her husband, witnesses and the husband said Williams exited the station and ran into a parked truck. Williams went to the Louis Motel on Idaho Street, where police found her and took her into custody.

The man was not seriously hurt in the attack, however Williams claims hitting him was an accident. She was formally charged with battery with a deadly weapon relating to the use of the vehicle and second offense domestic violence. Police may tack on an extra charge of hit and run for swiping the parked truck as well.