We’re fighting back!



We’re fighting back!


Utah’s politicians, led by Governor Herbert, have launched the greatest attack against wilderness in our nation’s history.  They are trying to seize control of federal lands that belong to all of us – places such as Greater Canyonlands, the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the San Rafael Swell.

We need your help to stop the attack on Utah’s redrock wilderness.

Utah has filed 30 lawsuits against the United States claiming state control of more than 36,000 miles of “roads” (many of ARRWA-Postwhich are just wash bottoms or faint trails).

With your help we are fighting back.  We’ve assembled a team of more than 25 attorneys and half a dozen researchers to challenge the state’s claims in court.

And we’re making progress: a federal judge just granted our request to participate in the court battle over several of the state’s “road” claim cases on wild lands.

But this fight is going to be tough and expensive.  Our team of attorneys must travel to remote corners of southern Utah to participate in what will ultimately be hundreds of meetings to interview witnesses for the litigation.

Please help us meet the costs of this challenge with a donation today!

For 30 years we’ve held the line, losing only 1% of Utah’s redrock wilderness.  And it’s support from people like you that has helped to preserve Utah’s remaining wild landscapes.

Thank you for all you do,

Deeda Seed
Associate Director
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance