The World of WSOP

The first World Series of Poker was organized at the Horseshoe casino by Benny Binion, its owner, in the year 1970. Five players competed, Johnny Moss was the winner, and he was given a silver cup and the title of World Poker Champion when he beat the four others. That was how the WSOP was born.

Today, it is an annual event held at Las Vegas. Thousands of participants come to play from all over the world. In 2006, a record 8773 players participated in the World Series of Poker Championship. Just the previous year, the championship had distributed over 57 million dollars among the winners, and the first prize had $7 million in cash. That was the lure that saw a record number of participants next year. Jamie Gold won the championship and received $12 million in cash prize. Though poker players have been known to win much more than that, 12 million USD was a pretty substantial amount. This was the highest prize money ever offered and won at the World Series of Poker.

These developments occurred since 2004, when Harrah’s bought the Horseshoe casino and the rights to the World Series of Poker Championship. They were quick to promote the WSOP as the world championship in poker. The cash prizes became more alluring, as well.

In 2009, Joe Cada beat Davin Moon to win a $9 million cash prize. The final game was of 364 hands, and it included 88 hands that were heads up plays.

The next World Series of Poker Championship will be hosted this year. If you visit the WSOP website at, you will see the clock ticking away. It usually starts in May and goes on until July. Players not only get to play the game, but will stay at the best Vegas hotels and enjoy whatever sightseeing the surrounding deserts have on offer.