The Green Minute: Can Your Kids Save Energy with Your Guidance?

dreamstime_xs_11759120_opt8For today’s Green Minute, we are focusing on a few very simple tips that can help your children become energy efficiency “masters.”

From our good friends at the Alliance to Save Energy, these tips are about getting your children involved in your efforts to save electricity. They are easy, fun and save money. Below is a list and video describing how you can help your child live efficiently.

Power Down

When your child is playing video games, watching TV or using a computer, make sure they “power down” and turn off the machines. According to a recent study, the average user that doesn’t power down their console will use 10 times more electricity than someone who does. Talk about wasting resources and money!

The Light Police

Give your child the “light police” job in the household. If you are like me, you are always trying to find a way to give your child some responsibility – something that helps the entire household. Designating your child as the “light police” fosters good habits and an “efficient” lifestyle.

Thermostat Temperature Team

Talk to your child about the warmth and cooling in the home. Show them the thermostat, and involve them in the decision to efficiently cool and warm the home.

Energy Hog Website/Games

The Alliance to Save Energy has produced a fun website to help educate children about energy efficiency. Check out

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