Teens Arrested for Selling Salt and Calling it Meth

A pair of Elko con men were arrested Wednesday after smashing out a truck’s windows. Interesting enough, but it gets better.

When Nathaniel Deleon and Taylor Miller, 18 and 19 respectively, were caught beating on another car down the street, police found the teens with bloodshot eyes and bags of meth-esque substances. After the mystery powders were tested, they were revealed as bags of sea salt by the young, upstart members of society. The tests obviously came back negative for meth.

Apparently the kids were selling the salt as meth to make money. What’s worse is they actually MADE money from the meth heads buying the stuff.

The dumb dealers were charged with minor in consumption, imitation of a controlled substance and malicious destruction of private property. Deleon spit on the arresting officer, who tacked on a propelling bodily fluids charge.