What Some of the NFL Players Did On Summer Vacation

The return of football action continues to creep closer – less than 50 days to go before the 2017 NFL season finally kicks off. Everyone can already feel it in the air…even though the air is still amazingly hot in some places. But even the TV ads are bringing back, and placing brand new NFL commercials in spots, reminding everyone about the players with great names and those (yes, Odell, talking to you) with names that are still at the top of everyone’s ‘watch’ list because they tend to go a bit loopy every once in a while.

Will LI be #5?

Yes, Super Bowl LI is almost upon us and, as always, the sports “experts” are having a field day when it comes to calling the

The NFL Looks at David vs. Goliath

This has been one of those odd football seasons where the facts given at the beginning

Great Expectations

  Great Expectations by Amy Lignor   This was one heck of a BIZARRE weekend of football.   The first fact that must be stated is that the Carolina Panthers’ unbeaten season is no more. What’s even worse is that the loss was not served up by the Patriots, the Packers, the Seahawks, or any […]

An Old Rivalry Still Making Hearts Race

  An Old Rivalry Still Making Hearts Race By Amy Lignor There was the holding of breath. There were gasps. There were almost tears, and one, Mr. Tom Brady, threw his helmet more than once on the sidelines as his undefeated team went up against their oldest rival in the NFL.   Yes, the Jets […]

Brady & Gronk Enter With a BANG!

  Brady & Gronk Enter With a BANG! ~by Amy Lignor   A typical household conversation in 2015:   “No Mom, he did it!” “Who?” “Umm…the Patriots.” “What?” “Yeah…umm…I’m sure Tom Brady broke your china closet. I mean, after all, he does everything wrong…doesn’t he?”   Oh, yes, the football season began on Thursday night […]

The Story of Irony: Welcome to Super Bowl 2015

The Story of Irony: Welcome to Super Bowl 2015 ~ Amy Lignor Perhaps it is ‘Sleepless’ there as well. All the world knows for sure is that the ‘earthquakes’ Seattle football fans have caused, and the humongous blips they put on the Geiger Counter last night as they screamed, partied, and knew beyond a shadow […]