“Sin City” Becomes Acceptable?

So…what changes will occur if an NFL team hits Las Vegas? Not many, actually. Perhaps more of the ‘contract money’ will be lost considering the blackjack tables ARE right in the vicinity; however, NFL owners seem just fine with the fact that the Raiders will once again wave good-bye to their “Nation” and relocate to Sin City.

2017 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show…. Vegas baby!

The 2017 Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Trade Show, ( SHOT Show) was recently held in Las Vegas, NV.

Fate is Served in the UFC

  Fate is Served in the UFC by Amy Lignor   Well, it’s the truth once again: Fate can really come back to bite you. Especially in the sports world. And this weekend Fate decided to appear in Las Vegas.   There is another headline that will be booted about in the media. On Monday, […]

A Sport with True Power

  A Sport with True Power by Amy Lignor   Grave Digger. Northern Nightmare. Titan. Wrecking Crew. Wolverine…   This may sound like the guest list for a party thrown by Satan or, perhaps, an annual picnic thrown by the Transformers. Truth be told, what it really is all about has to do with a […]

The #CES show in #Vegas

  The #CES show in #Vegas   I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream here we go! Ahhhh!   Well, today I’m visiting the CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And walking around this absolutely humongous structure with all this technology, I’ll be honest, I’m a little creeped out.   Mainly […]

Man Kills Himself in Traffic

An Elko man ended his own life Saturday morning as he knelt down in front of oncoming traffic.

Elko Police Log of Crimes and Stupidity – Nov. 6-7

The following criminals have made the Elko Police Department richer with their stupidity and/or disregard for the law. The information states their name, age, and place of arrest, followed by their offense.

Restraining Order Offender Hides Under Victim’s Bed

An Elko man violated his restraining order in an… unusual way.

A woman with a restraining order against 24 year old Derek Goff called for police to come to her house after the man sent her text messages at around 11 pm. The officers made sure everything was in shape and left to locate Goff.

When officers drove past the woman’s house again at 4:45 am, they saw his car parked in front of her house. Fearing that Goff forced his way into the home, the police went inside and looked for him.

Officer Kills Two Birds With One Stone in Meth Bust

Another drug bust to add to the litany of drug busts in the Elko area – this time, a local cop nabbed two for the price of one.

An Elko man was driving with the wrong person today – police pulled him over because the man he was with was wanted on a warrant. Elko Officer Rich Genseal noticed the man in the car at 11:40 am in the area of South Ninth Street and pulled the car over. After arresting the fugitive, 30 year old Paul Cowles, he turned his sights on the driver, 25 year old Juan Jiminez.

Fake Marijuana To Be Banned in Nevada Town

The drug known as “spice” is one step closer to being banned in the city of Elko.

Elko City Council decided unanimously to ask the city attorney to make an ordinance to criminalize the sale and possession of spice. Spice is essentially a mix of herbs sprayed with a man made drug akin to marijuana – but claimed to be four to 100 times stronger than marijuana. The drug is currently a legal, marketable alternative to real weed, but the Council says the usage of spice has become an epidemic.