Tips on Staying Safe While Having Fun in the Sun

Those rays are upon us! Sitting by the pool, enjoying those lazy days at the beach with the kids, jumping into that swimming hole to get cool from the summer heat. All of these case scenarios are a whole lot of fun and everyone wants to do them. After all, that’s what summer is all about – having rest and relaxation before the winter winds and blowing snow come back into the picture. But what many fail to remember are the illnesses that can come from being out in the heat too long, or the accidents that can happen when it comes to swimming or even grilling over the campfire. Most every illness and/or accident can be avoided; all you have to do is take minor precautions, be attentive, and not let the sun become a negative.

A Bird is to Blame for Blackout and Brush Fires

It’s funny how the smallest, most trivial of things can cause chaos – this time, it’s a bird. Yes, a crow landing on a power line left around 4,500 NV Energy customers without power in Spring Creek and also started two small fires when the line was downed.

The fires, which were responded to at 9:43 am, were somewhat innocuous as they were contained within two hours by fire crews. The fires burned up to a quarter of an acre, but an official area is as of yet unknown.