Sierra Club Appeals Against Ruby Pipeline

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management recently approved rights of way for the Ruby Pipeline from Wyoming to Oregon, through Elko County. A few days later, The Sierra Club filed an appeal with the Interior Land Board of Appeals.

The Ruby Pipeline project, was started to address growing demand for natural gas and gas transportation infrastructure. The company filed their application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in January, 2009, requesting a certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing the construction and operation of the Ruby Pipeline Project. The Federal Regulator approves the application in April this year, and additional approvals are pending from various regulatory agencies.

The Bureau of Land Management approval is one of those, but there are sure to be appeals against the project. FERC approved the company to proceed and begin construction in July this year, and construction began July 31, 2010. Planned completion date is March 2011.

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