Restraining Order Offender Hides Under Victim’s Bed

An Elko man violated his restraining order in an… unusual way.

A woman with a restraining order against 24 year old Derek Goff called for police to come to her house after the man sent her text messages at around 11 pm. The officers made sure everything was in shape and left to locate Goff.

When officers drove past the woman’s house again at 4:45 am, they saw his car parked in front of her house. Fearing that Goff forced his way into the home, the police went inside and looked for him. After hearing a strange noise, they found him with his legs sticking out under a bed in a back bedroom and proceeded to yank him out. The two people sleeping on top of the bed said they didn’t know he was there.

The woman didn’t clarify as to whether or not she let the man in. Goff’s restraining order would have expired at midnight Sunday – instead he is back in jail on $6,274 bail.