Nevada Troopers Find 103 Pounds of Pot in Traffic Stop

Holy marijuana, Batman! Nevada Highway Patrol pulled over and subsequently arrested a car containing a man and a woman from Minnesota who were carrying more than 100 pounds of marijuana.

A trooper stopped the car for a routine traffic violation on Interstate 80 by West Wendover. The driver and passenger, Kim Singrattana and Russell Castillo, 45 and 36 respectively, looked suspicious to the officer and he requested a search warrant. After releasing the suspects and obtaining a warrant to search the vehicle, he hit the pot mother lode – 103 pounds of the green stuff in separate one pound packages.

The tokin’ twosome were later found and arrested at a trucker’s lounge. They were charged with felony counts of trafficking a controlled substance, unlawful possession and intent to sell a controlled substance. Bail for the Minnesota pair is set at $60,000.