Latest Trends in Massage Services


With everything that is spoken about when it comes to franchises – the biggest topics being marketing, advertising, expansion and franchise documents – it comes as a surprise that the one thing that is never really focused on is the fact that a franchisee needs to make sure to find the most reputable, ethics-oriented and – basically – ‘smart’ company to become a part of.

As with anything – especially in these odd economic times – looking toward the ‘future’ is something that every one of us does. There are always questions and fears that come with worrying about what tomorrow will bring. In order to stop those fears, the very first thing a potential franchisee must discover is a solid, strong franchise opportunity that has already proven to be ‘smart.’ By smart, Reconnect with Yourselfthink strategic and well-managed. These are franchises that are extremely popular and are growing by leaps and bounds – opening branches all across the United States. And when thinking about a ‘smart’ franchise, the name BAM Brands is definitely the very first that should ‘pop’ into your mind.

The reason for this is that BAM is seen as a true leader when it comes to multi-unit franchise opportunities. Whether it be with the popular BAM duo of MassageLuXe and FaceLuXe, or the amazingly reviewed, Xist Fitness, or the major names of The TAN Company and Spray La VieBAM has made a solid reputation of being a company that knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to creating and running profitable franchises.

When looking forward to next year and the trends that may come about, franchisees should honestly see nothing but opportunity ahead. The world of social networks is becoming larger and larger by the minute, and the World Wide Web is causing the highest positive impact on franchises, allowing all the consumers out there to provide feedback on the franchises they love the most.

The name MassageLuXe has become synonymous with ‘5-star’ quality, and every prospective franchisee who wishes to get into the franchise realm will automatically see that social networking has brought this company from ‘a massage franchise’ to the elevated level of one of the most respected names in the industry. Trends are important, and the personal wellness, beauty and health industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

Multi-unit franchises like BAM Brands have a great deal to look forward to down the road – and many of those opportunities come in the form of technology. GPS, mobile services – this is an area where any franchisee opening their own Spray La Vie or Xist Fitness can advertise, market and use these services to bring clients straight through their doors. And the apps that are found on mobile devices are extraordinary; from the reviews necessary to turn a potential client into a lifetime client, to things like advertising applications and ‘instant coupons’ that can be given out to all the people walking around in your neighborhood in order to introduce them to the latest TAN Company in their area.

Viral videos are another trend that have brought franchises huge success. One of the largest groups of people out there right now are the ones who are headed straight for good health. Corporate health plans are now being given out to employees that focus on getting more and more people to exercise, eat healthier, quit smoking and get fit. Health is the American focus, and places such as Xist Fitness are going to be the ‘go-to’ franchises that allow consumers to get in shape, which will provide them with automatic discounts on their insurance.

A viral video of Xist Fitness takes away the stigma that has long been attached to fitness centers. This new health-conscious group in America will be able to ‘see’ the new way of working out that does not involve the same old environment that made people shy away from fitness centers. If you are a franchisee wanting to own that new and improved fitness center, offering potential clients a look inside the doors so they can feel comfortable and know ahead of time that they will be provided with a skilled and expert staff – is a great way to go! These and other applications will offer you a great way to build your membership quickly, which means more profits will be coming in the doors of your franchise!

2013 is the time to invest in franchises. It is time to find that franchise group with the ‘smart’ reputation that you wish to be a part of. Markets change quickly, as we all know, but the future already shows that the health and beauty industry is only going to get bigger.

An amazing fact to discover is that over 60% of profits being made in 2013 are being made by franchises that didn’t even exist twenty years ago. BAM Brands has found a way to create companies that offer skilled workers, the highest-quality products and services, and the most amazing environments that have made consumers want to choose them and leave their competition behind.

Innovation was the key for the creator of these businesses. With skill and hard work, the achievements that the BAM franchises have made are amazing. In fact, BAM Brands can most definitely be seen as a champion in the franchise world, because of the risks that one man took a long time ago.

Be a true leader in the marketplace; be a franchisee of a company that has a ‘smart’ and solid reputation – this is what the present is all about. Because anyone who gets involved with BAM in 2013 is only looking at a bright and profitable tomorrow!