Judge Rejects Plea Deal in Stabbing Case

As of October 18, a federal judge has denied a plea agreement offered to Terry Jones Jr., the man charged with assault with a deadly weapon. In a rare instance of violence in the upper Elko Indian Colony, Jones stabbed another man repeatedly.

The next step is jury selection for his trial slated to take place this coming January.

In November of last year, Jones was involved in an incident in which his defense says the victim, Jared Conklin, started. At some point after exiting the altercation, Jones went back into his home and stabbed him multiple times. Under the circumstances,  the defense wants the assault charge replaced with a burglary charge as Jones admits to entering the home again without permission – the stabbing was allegedly in self-defense.

Jones’ defense also claims that the witnesses used to incriminate him are invalid.

The agreement pitched to the judge by Jones’ defense was that Jones would plead guilty to burglary and receive 18 months in prison, less the 11 months he’s already served in jail.

His trial will begin January 24 in Reno.