Helping Homeowners Save Significant Cash


If taming high energy costs is on your “to do” list this spring, the best place to start is literally right at your feet. Put Mother Earth to work helping to heat and cool your home using a decades-old solution: geothermal energy.

This climate control alternative helps homeowners save significant cash. And with costs continuing to rise, the interest in geothermal heating and cooling has never been higher. A geothermal system for your home might just prove to be the magic bullet you and your already stretched-too-thin budget have been looking for.

The fluctuating temperatures above ground certainly can not be counted on when it comes to being comfortable inside your home; the 2013 winter of blizzards has certainly proven that fact. However, about ten feet down beneath your feet there is a solution.

The ground absorbs nearly half of the solar energy it receives, resulting in the fact that the earth remains at a constant, moderate temperature just below its surface all year round. By utilizing the earth’s stability, ClimateMaster systems were developed and Tranquility 30 Digital TEproduced, creating a proven system of heating and cooling that uses a “loop” to connect the earth to your home in order to support all the homeowner’s needs. Geothermal energy systems put the earth to good use to reduce the energy load required by the home’s traditional heating and cooling units.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how Geothermal Energy works: Geothermal heating and cooling systems utilize a piping system known as a “loop.” Water circulates in the loop to exchange heat between your home, the geothermal heat pump, and the earth – providing heating, cooling and hot water at remarkably high efficiencies. In fact, ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems are 400-600% efficient and can cut your heating, cooling and hot water costs by up to 80%.

The ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems absorb heat stored in the ground through the water that circulates in the underground loop. This heat is carried to the geothermal heat pump where it’s concentrated and then sent out as warm air providing complete comfort throughout your home. During the summer, ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems absorb heat from your home and transfers it to the underground loop where it is then absorbed by the much cooler earth. The geothermal heat pump uses the cool water returning from the earth to create cool, dehumidified air throughout your home. Even the family dog will stop panting and enjoy the day!

Bottom line? Homeowners conserve energy and save money. But the perks don’t end there. The federal, as well as state governments, also offer energy tax credits when installing this leading-edge approach to saving energy. The federal tax credit is a guaranteed 30%, and state and local communities also provide incentives, making the homeowner’s investment beyond beneficial.

When it comes to selecting the right geothermal energy solution, it makes sense to partner with a company that has a significant history when it comes to successful installations and knowledge of the inner-workings of the industry. ClimateMaster leads the category in both, offering stability, innovation and customer service. ClimateMaster installs its state of the art systems in both residential and commercial buildings of all sizes and continuously surpasses the competition when it comes to product value.

So before beginning that much-needed retrofit, find out more about how you can save with ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems. Visit and begin to see the savings!

Source: Baret News Wire / Climate Master