Fake Marijuana To Be Banned in Nevada Town

The drug known as “spice” is one step closer to being banned in the city of Elko.

Elko City Council decided unanimously to ask the city attorney to make an ordinance to criminalize the sale and possession of spice. Spice is essentially a mix of herbs sprayed with a man made drug akin to marijuana – but claimed to be four to 100 times stronger than marijuana. The drug is currently a legal, marketable alternative to real weed, but the Council says the usage of spice has become an epidemic.

A major driving reason for the ban is the plethora of deaths attributed to spice, most occurring in the Midwest. Since the imitation weed is marketed to younger audiences, City Council essentially wants to protect the youth from the misuse of spice. Even more enticing is the high it gives, and the inability to detect it in drug tests.

If (and probably when) the draft of the ordinance is given at the next council meeting and no other hindrances occur, the ordinance will likely be law in December.

With the number of man made cannabinoids and imitation pot recipes on the streets, this bill may be futile. However, City Council has suggested changing the wording of the bill to put an outright ban on all cannabinoids to avoid loopholes.