Fake Marijuana Could be Regulated in Nevada Soon

Two more states have joined an effort in banning fake weed, widely known as “spice.” Elko has recently passed a measure to ban it, though it hasn’t caught on statewide. Recently, Oregon and Idaho have banned the synthetic pot, however Oregon intends to legalize it for medicinal purposes – a move that Nevada may share.

The pharmaceutical aspect may eliminate the wait needed by legislature to ban it, as they could regulate it and eliminate the need for further voting. That route has repercussions for possession and sale of it as well.

Nevada wants to hold off on making regulations for medicinal purposes until tests of the synthetic drug are conducted by the Washoe County Crime Lab. By doing this, upon seizing an illegally possessed spice, the lab can undoubtedly state that the drug has the synthetic properties and the city/state can prosecute accordingly. Tests are currently being worked out by state crime labs, using urine and blood tests that could determine whether or not probationers are cheating their tests.

The process will take time and is all about matchmaking. Matching synthetic cannabinoids with those being sold in shops and online stores could help criminalize those selling them after the tests are completed, especially since lists of ingredients don’t exactly come with the purchase.

Once all is said and done, the purpose will be to accurately describe what is being criminalized and will help the process along when lawmaking starts.