FaceLuXe Re-Introduces You to the Girl Inside


FaceLuXe Re-Introduces You to the Girl Inside

by Harmony Nolan

When the subjects of cosmetics, facials, massages, fitness and gyms, or nutrition come into play, it is usually from two very solid standpoints. One, is the focus to become far healthier in this world so you can live a good, long time. Two, is the focus on how to stay young and active with a beauty regime.


When you are twenty, you are that girl. She is the one with no wrinkles; her eyes don’t sag as of yet and her neck still looks like a swan and not something out of The Hobbit. However, as that girl ages she changes. Much like good wine, she matures. But Massage Luxe 2-FaceLuxe-when it comes to the beauty aspect of things, the girl will tend to show her face every once in a while no matter what age you have reached.


Such as…you are the woman dropping the kids off at school. The snow is flying outside; you’re cold, kind of mad, and want nothing more than to skip work and attempt to sleep the afternoon away. (But the girl is still in there.)


Another scenario? You are at work under LED lights that actually do cause you to look like something from The Hobbit. The day has gotten away from you, clients are backing up and the phone call comes from the school letting you know that your child is now sick. (The girl is still in there.)


Women want a great may things in this life, just as men do. And even though the industry usually focuses on men when it comes to the nutritional and exercise aspects, they, too, still want to keep that boy who had the thick hair and broad shoulders.


As we grow we try miracle cures, miracle diets, miracle everything. What ends up being the real miracle is the fact that we’re still alive after using this many products to cover, shadow, primp, tease and lose weight.


So many magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs – you name it, they’re out there – profess that they have the next big thing. They have products that they stand behind and make promises about. They feed into both our own vanity and egos as well as the fear of getting older. But every once in a great while companies come along that actually keep their promises. And one by the name of FaceLuXe makes that list when it comes to skin care and anti-aging.


Anti-aging products and facials now account for close to 9.8 billion dollars of the skin care market, and rises every single day. Oddly enough, the promise to make us all look younger doesn’t seem to be coming to fruition from all those jars and jellies. In fact, almost every single one of the products have the exact same ingredients – only the packaging is different.


Researchers, as well as consumers, have found that the current crop of anti-aging creams fall short of delivering on promises, which is a fact that doctors are completely standing behind. So, for the basics, before putting anything on your skin make sure you know what, exactly, anti-aging means.


Let’s start with the fact that nothing is going to stop you from aging, except perhaps some demon made up by Stephen King to freeze us in time. The major reason our skin ages is because of collagen. This is that naturally occurring substance that helps keep the girl inside with skin that looks lifted and line-free.


Collagen is lost through normal aging, but it’s important to also note that a larger amount is also lost through the world outside – from sun exposure to dealing with pollution. The skin’s support structure basically begins to fall and the skin sags.


Antioxidants are nutrients that stop the outside world from attacking the skin. Research has been done to show that antioxidant green tea has strong anti-inflammatory and even anti-cancer properties, but the anti-aging is still up in the air as to whether it really works.


There are antioxidants that include vitamins C and E, kinetin, alpha-lipoic acid and idebenone which do clearly show benefits for the skin. The coffee berry is touted as the strongest antioxidant; the most powerful anti-aging ingredient out there. Big names, such as Estee Lauder, are using the coffee berry in their products (“Future Perfect” line). It is a cocktail of sorts, that recharges the skin and offers anti-aging protection. Clinique is another that went the coffee berry route with the “Continuous Relief Antioxidant Moisturizer”, which includes eight antioxidants as part of the formula.


But in the end, to receive no skin damage whatsoever, living in a bubble would have to be employed by one and all. Luckily, a very proven way of treating the skin is out there


It is the FaceLuXe Famous 4 Layer Facial which is the premier treatment to use on the skin. Firming dramatically, ideal for all skin types, this is one facial that leaves the skin cleaner, healthier and more radiant than when you walked through the FaceLuXe doors to receive the always ‘5-Star’ care.


Forget the hype and the promises. To see that girl inside once again, head to www.FaceLuXe.com today.

Source: Baret News Wire