Ellman Surgitron® Dual RF 120 Generator

Are you looking for improved precision for your advanced surgical procedures? Ellman’s Dual Radiofrequency (RF) 120 Generator provides precision cutting and a new level of coagulation with enhanced waveforms.

Ellman Surgitron 2Description

Ellman’s Dual RF 120 Generator enables the ophthalmic surgeon to cut and coagulate soft tissue with high precision.

“This is an instrument you can use for everything. It’s versatile, and I use it for all my cosmetic procedures,” says Dr. Scott M. Goldstein, an oculofacial plastic and aesthetic surgeon of Tri-County Eye Physicians and Surgeons in Southampton, PA. “Compared to other devices like the standard Bovie®, this device provides a better level of precision. The coagulation is now better, so you have more efficient surgeries, quicker healing times, and less down time for patients.”

Dr. Bradley N. Lemke, an oculofacial plastic and aesthetic surgeon at Lemke Facial Plastic Surgery in Madison, WI says, “The coagulation on this device is very effective. When I use it, less bleeding occurs during the procedures.” He notes:

“Other devices have an adverse thermal effect and cause burning. The Bovie cannot compare with Ellman in terms of cutting action.”


Key Benefits for Clinician





* Easy to Operate


Key Benefits for Patient

*Less Scarring

*Faster Recovery


-Power: 120 Watts

-4.0 MHz in monopolar mode

-1.7 MHz in bipolar mode