Elko Building Permit Fees More Than $1 million In 7 Months

Elko building and property improvement permit values for July were higher than last year, with permit fees of more than $1 million collected to date.

Elko’s Building Department issued 532 permits up to the end of July this year, 69 more than last year, collecting more than $1 million, more than double the amount received by this time last year. Most of those were from permit applications received prior to this year.

A possible sign of the slowdown in the economy, applications are down 11%, at 226, for the first seven months of the year.

Building permits can be quite complex, sometimes much more, depending on the purpose of the permit. Approvals are almost always needed from

  • Elko Building Department
  • Elko Fire Department
  • Elko Engineering Department (Drainage & Grading)
  • Elko Planning Department

Depending on the purpose of the permit, approval may be needed from

  • Health Department
  • FEMA
  • EPA
  • Other agencies

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