Elko Band Touring the US, Gaining Popularity

Local band The Girlfriend Season is on the road and making a name for themselves.

Two of the members, Pat and Ryan Klekas, graduated from Elko High School. Members Colby and Garret Satterthwaite graduated from nearby Spring Creek High School. The guys say they are putting their lives on hold to pursue their dream.

They were all living in different cities when they unanimously decided that they needed to start touring. They eventually got together and recorded their first album last year in Fort Worth. They then got a manager and started playing some gigs and venues in the area – their first tour. The tour, which has stretched from New York City to Las Vegas, ends October 26.

The band is doing well at getting their name out there, as they were named number one recording artist by purevolume.com for three days, and had the top most downloaded song. The song, which was placed on the site for free, is entitled “Just For Tonight.”

The band hopes to come back to town and play a fundraiser show at Elko High School. They’ve been trying to book a gig in Elko, but everything has been booked full lately. For more information on the band, including a chance to listen to some of their music, visit their MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/62613563/music/songs/66400538

The Girlfriend Season is: Patrick Klekas on guitar, Ryan Klekas as the lead singer, Travis Morrow on drums, Colby Satterthwaite on bass and vocals and Garret Satterthwaite on guitar.