[Elko] – 6 Months Cwalk Mixtape

OLD VIDEO !!! Meanwhile i already walk a year SEE THAT YELLOW BUTTON UP THERE ^^^^^^^^^^^ CLICK ON IT AND A MIRRACLE WILL HAPPEN LOL ——————– tags: Elkodacripper elkodaholyone elko elko cwalk crowning cripping crips bloodz bloods cripz gosu kynamite vietjr camacho scrawler stopped cwalking 🙁 hot dance cwalk is not a dance u fool ow sorry didnt knew that jumpstyle is for fags i hate jumpstyle cuz its a gay dance connex is a biatch patrcik cant jump cwalk is crowning cripping clowning and more like that kneedrops the v heeltoe heeltoe combo heeltoe run forward vx hop advnaced x hop shuffle shuffle kick deurne sint jozef elko wouter wouter de heilige fuck driessens our director of my school is a biatch he gaved me 3 dayz fucking whrite time damn i need vieuws and ratings thats wh i am goin to start fucking bout : hot string girls lesbians asian no gayz !! xxx porn hot hot hot fast in out whatever u need nike cortez ice creams damn hell yeah t-bone his shoes re nice best ice creams im goin to buy em to cuz they r hot damned i hate gayz like that punk from my school onechance juelz o-dee cee-k j-hustlah elko t-bone g-thang g-spang d-diamond mixtape 2007 offcial is out now JUNIORS SQUAD MIXTAPE 2007 OFFICIAL ELKO need vieuws rating and comments and subcribtions and responses and more from that … 12345678910 pff i’m tired of all theze typings