Daddy Versus The Suck Monster by J. Matthew Nespoli


Southern California author celebrates the joys of fatherhood while reflecting on often humorous challenges that parenthood can Daddy Versus the Suck Monsterpresent to a new father’s personal life.

J. Matthew Nespoli’s Daddy Versus The Suck Monster is an honest, comedic, and irreverent portrayal of first-time fatherhood that wonders if any man is ever completely ready for the changes that will come upon their lives upon entering into fatherhood for the first time. Is any man prepared to watch his wife have her vagina sewn back together after their firstborn ruthlessly tears it open?

Daddy Versus The Suck Monster addresses sensitive parenting subjects, like sex after childbirth, breast-feeding, and never-ending diapers with a no-punches pulled approach. Amongst all the many belly laughs in this book, first time fathers will find some real, legitimate advice that they won’t find elsewhere, and from someone who has felt exactly like them. This book allows new parents to shed some of the societal guilt that is put upon them for not being perfect parents, while giving the reader some time-tested rules to follow.

Daddy Versus The Suck Monster is for new parents who are looking for some parenting advice, minus the preaching, who would like that advice doled out with some good laughs.

Praise for Nespoli’s Daddy Versus The Suck Monster

“…the author’s absurdist knack for overstatement makes some of the most offensive jokes and juvenile gags forgivable and even endearing. Underneath the frivolity are a remarkable sincerity and the trustworthy, progressive voice of experience. He offers new dads legitimate tips and advice, as well as commiseration about mistakes, sacrifices and morbid thoughts… this memoir could have been the male equivalent to What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” – Kirkus Review

About the Author

J. Matthew Nespoli is a writer, businessman, and father living in Southern California with his wife and two young sons. This is Matthew’s second book. His first one, Broken, was a novel about the dark underbelly of Los Angeles. J. Matthew has written for many online websites and newspapers on parenting, life, sports, politics, and other subjects. He enjoys surfing, hiking, spending time with his family, and licking his wounds at the office, on Monday mornings, once he escapes his energetic and sometimes violent young sons.

Book Details

Publisher: CreateSpace
Author: J. Matthew Nespoli
ISBN-13: 978-1489533975
ISBN-10: 1489533974
List Price: PB $14.99/ eBook $ 6.95
Trim: 9×6 (214 pp)
Audience: General Adult
Pub Date: 07/01/2013
Genre: HUMOR/Parenthood/Fatherood/HUMOR/Family
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