ClimateMaster’s Gem for the American Consumer

ClimateMaster Provides a Gem to the American Consumer.

Yes, there was gold in ‘them thar hills,’ and there are diamonds in the earth – these are facts. But there are many valuable gems that the earth provides, including one that actually reduces the ever-expanding energy costs that are literally taking over a family’s budget.

ClimateMaster is an innovative company that has been working for over fifty years creating, developing and producing the diamond technology that is geothermal heating and cooling. Much like having a real diamond in hand, geothermal heating and cooling systems supply cash to every consumer who utilizes them.

With efficiency rates that outweigh traditional HVAC systems by a substantial percent, geothermal heating and cooling systems have been proven to save a homeowner as much as 80% on their utility bills. This technology is not new by any means, with over one Tranquility Digital Indoor Split TESmillion units having been installed in American homes to date. But as the headlines grow more and more each day, millions more are heading to ClimateMaster in order to get the right system to save them money as they either buy, build or retrofit their homes.

Geothermal energy literally works because of the earth’s ability to remain at a constant temperature underground, whether the air is blistering hot or unbelievably frigid up above. Varying around twenty degrees depending on your location, the earth remains a constant supplier for geothermal heating and cooling systems; a constant resource that provides homeowners with energy savings, cutting utility bills and allowing homeowners to put more money in their pockets.

To reach such a high level of efficiency (400-600%), geothermal systems tap into the earth. Unlike fossil fuel, geothermal systems utilize the earth’s temperature stability and offers significant savings.

Despite seasonal fluctuations above ground, below the surface the earth is impervious to heat and cold. You see, the earth absorbs heat every day from the sun, and because our planet is so massive it loses only a small amount of that heat during the evening hours.

During the winter, ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems absorb heat stored in the ground through the water that circulates in its underground “loop”. This heat is carried to the geothermal heat pump where it’s concentrated and then sent out as extremely comfortable and cozy air throughout the home. During the summer, heat is absorbed from the home and transferred to the underground “loop” where it’s absorbed by the cool earth. The geothermal heat pump uses this cool water returning from the earth to create dehumidified cool air that successfully banishes the heat wave outside.

As everyone soon realizes, there are a wealth of reasons why geothermal heating and cooling systems have become a jewel, offering abundant savings for the consumer. In addition, the homeowner also receives the benefit of helping the environment. These innovative systems use less fossil fuel and can literally be a part of any homeowners dream of going ‘green.’ Using less energy is great news for all concerned because less greenhouse emissions mean a healthier planet down the road. If you’re burning less coal or natural gas, the advantage is less air pollution. If you’re using less electricity, that could mean less dependence on nuclear power down the road.

Factor in the guaranteed tax credit from the federal government, as well as potential energy tax credits available from many state governments, and making the switch from traditional systems to geothermal heating and cooling systems pays off.

Credibility, reliability, industry experience – ClimateMaster is the bearer of a true diamond for the American consumer. It’s time to get your very own gem today!

Source: Baret News Wire