ClimateMaster Shows Homeowners the Best Investment


ClimateMaster Shows Homeowners the Best Investment

By Henry Morse

With the economy coming back each and every day, the American family is looking for new investments that are solid winners. They have found ways to put money into their residences that not only increase property value, but also create a far more efficient home when it comes to energy sources and cutting the always-rising electric costs.


There are many home retrofits or renovation projects; from adding a new kitchen to tackling major things, such as the creation of an entirely new backyard. But it’s a fact that more and more homeowners are choosing the addition of a geothermal heating and cooling system in order to invest in the future and get cash back.


ClimateMaster is the name that homeowners are discovering. They are finding out about the solid and stellar reputation of the business that offers ENERGY STAR brand heat pumps, HVAC units – everything for your geothermal heating and cooling needs.


While oil prices are on the rise, electricity prices remain relatively stable right now, making heating costs with geothermal more predictable than oil.

Being that the geothermal systems are able to generate heat more efficiently by moving it from the earth to the home using a ‘loop’ system, the products_buttongeothermal heating and cooling systems by ClimateMaster use considerably less energy to operate than electric heat and oil heat systems.


Owners can install a geothermal heating and cooling system in both new and existing residential construction. Not only do the geothermal systems produce less noise and require far less maintenance than traditional heating and cooling systems, but the incentives and benefits they receive far outweigh the traditional path.


The Federal government offers a 30% tax credit that is guaranteed for homeowners who install an ENERGY STAR ClimateMaster heating and cooling system into their residence. The government is awarding those who switch to this renewable energy source that far outweighs the competition. With the tax incentive, the homeowner has the ability to use the funds to cover all areas of the installation – from landscaping to equipment and labor. States are also offering the homeowner extra tax incentives to switch to this renewable energy – to once again award the homeowner so they can see an immediate return on their investment.


For the homeowner it’s important to note many things about the geothermal heat pump. This is a tool used within the ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling system that actually transfers heat from one source to another (the ground into your home).


climate-masterIt’s a fact that the earth remains at a constant temperature (with a small variable of only a few degrees depending on geographic location), just a few feet below its surface of the at all times. By using this natural and unending resource, the ClimateMaster ‘loop’ system offers the homeowner perfect and consistent heat in the winter and cool in the summer – with no hot or cold spots left over. The air is far more breathable and clean, and the whole atmosphere of the house improves for the family.


Traditional systems rely on burning fuel, which creates harmful emissions into the home and environment. Geothermal residential heating and cooling systems from ClimateMaster solves that problem as well, being an environmentally friendly option that does not utilize fossil fuels.


The savings seen by using ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems are significant, cutting the utility bill by up to 80%. Homeowners with large houses have the biggest cost savings with geothermal heat, allowing these shrewd investors to not only receive a more efficient home, but also receive a return on their investment.


Although the initial investment runs about twice as much as the more conventional heating and cooling systems out there, the ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling system benefits are guaranteed; cash is put back into the homeowner’s pocket – and then some.


Lasting more than twice as long as conventional systems, the ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling system will send those monthly utility costs plummeting for a good, long time – with very little maintenance ever needed.


One million Americans have already seen the beauty of the ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems by installing them into their homes. Now is the time for YOU to look for that smart, solid investment that will continue to save you money.

Source Baret News Wire