Facial reconstruction of Jane, a young female Jamestown colonist

   Facial reconstruction of Jane, a young female Jamestown colonist   Stephen Rouse, specialist in 3D modeling for medical applications, utilizes images from a CT scan to digitally reconstruct Jane’s splintered cranium so a 3D model of the skull can be generated. Ivan Schwartz of StudioEIS then explains how they are able to create a […]

The Fiddler Crab

                  The Fiddler Crab                   By Trish Elliott                                                              Zach McKenna, the […]

Parks and Sustainability

  Parks and Sustainability By Trish Elliott   Parks serve as valuable locations for shared community activities and public interaction. Most communities are striving to make their parks effective models of sustainability, both naturally and socially. To function as a social center, parks need to serve residents of all ages, abilities, and social status. Social […]

Ground Water is Not the Solution

  Ground Water is Not the Solution by ZZ Troutski The supply of ground water is a necessity. And when it comes to headlines being made surrounding ground water, or lack therefore, in the rivers of the western half of this nation, this necessity seems to have been forgotten about.   Trout Unlimited is an […]

St Augustine Eco Tours

  St Augustine Eco Tours   The mission of St. Augustine Eco Tours is to educate and provide an opportunity for people to experience animals in their natural habitat. Dolphins (Tursiops truncates) are one of the animals we see on over 95% of our trips and are one of the reasons SAET came into existence. […]

The Snowy Egret and Great Egret of Florida

  The Snowy Egret and Great Egret of Florida By Trish Elliot Florida abounds with gorgeous, exotic birds, boasting of over 500 species, and is one of the most famous birdwatching destinations in the world. Some of the best sightings in Florida can be found in the St. Augustine area.   St. Augustine Ecotours have […]

Island Moose

  Island Moose This weekend while fishing one of my favorite rivers, which was high and off color, so I decided to do more hiking and photography instead. A beautiful day lots of clouds and golden stones everywhere. Fishing was a bit on the slow side anyway. As I neared the end of my hike, […]

Teen Boys on Vacation

  Teen Boys on Vacation by Charley There are only three things that teenage boys are interested in: food, girls and sports. The order may change depending on the kid, but these pretty much sum it up. Incessant video gaming counts as sports. Food will usually take a lesser position in the hierarchy…except when they’re […]

A Summer Vacation Idea That Offers Truth in the Silence

  A Summer Vacation Idea That Offers Truth in the Silence by ZZ Troutski The Great Outdoors offers a great deal when it comes to vacation ideas. From boating and kayaking to hiking to fishing and camping – the list goes on and on. And the vast list of locations that can be visited can […]

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun By Charley Let’s face it. For most of us, spending time with our girlfriends consistently slips to the bottom of our to-do lists. But stealing away for precious time together can do wonders for the spirit – and bring us all back home with a renewed enthusiasm for all […]