Predator Camo: Developing Patterns That Work Since 1988

  Predator Camo: Developing Patterns That Work Since 1988   Serious hunters don’t quibble about their gear. Every time they enter the woods or strike out in more arid terrain in pursuit of trophy big game, they depend on equipment and clothing that give them the best chances for success. That’s why serious hunters wear […]

Hot Metal Action for Cool-Water Smallies

  Hot Metal Action for Cool-Water Smallies by Ted Lund   Most bass fisherman might think that action cools as fish move into the Fall months, but nothing could be further from the truth for smallmouth bass. And one of the best ways to take advantage of them is an unconventional cool-water tactic — throwing […]

Crosman Air Guns: Leveling The Field

  Crosman Air Guns: Leveling The Field   When it comes to a competitive activity the whole family can get involved with, it’s hard to beat a day of shooting; where factors such as size and strength can tip the scales in the wrong direction in common stick-and-ball sports, that’s just not the case in […]

Walleye No One Else Can Catch

  Two factors greatly impact walleye fishing success, yet most walleye anglers don’t even consider them. The first is fishing pressure and it is more intense than anglers realize. Last year, anglers invested 3.05 million hours of fishing effort on Minnesota’s 128,000-acre Lake Mille Lacs. The impact of this much pressure can’t be ignored; it […]

Diane Hassinger is On Point for TenPoint

  Diane Hassinger is On Point for TenPoint   We expect pro staff members to talk up their chosen product lines. That’s what pro staffers do. Most passersby listen to the stories, some might even ask a couple of questions, then politely move along. But when Diane Hassinger tells her story, TenPoint Crossbows virtually fly […]

Tactacam New Sponsor of Whitetails Unlimited Deer Camps

  Tactacam New Sponsor of Whitetails Unlimited Deer Camps   Tactacam, manufacturer of high-definition video cameras for hunters and the outdoors, has become the newest sponsor of the popular Whitetails Unlimited Deer Camp Tour for 2015. Deer Camps allow attendees the opportunity to bid on limited-edition artwork, collector firearms and knives, and one-of-a- kind hunting […]

Tuning up for Hunting Season

  Tuning Up For Hunting Season: Crosman Air Guns Offer Practical, Affordable Pre-Season   Whether it’s been just a few months or several years since you last hunted, it’s always a good idea to get some practice in before heading out; unfortunately, with our busy lifestyles — to say nothing of the price of standard […]

‘Greatest Mirror on Earth’ Tee

  ‘Greatest Mirror on Earth’ Tee Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well…Behold THIS Sweetheart! You stare into this sheen of glass and your breath catches. There you are, a god or goddess standing atop Mount Olympus enjoying your ultimate power. Of course, you aren’t actually up on that mountaintop looming behind you […]

TenPoint Leading the Charge

  TenPoint Leading the Charge for North American Crossbow Hunting   Only one state – Oregon – blocks hunters from using crossbows. Go ahead: Read that again. Just 20 years ago, the controversy surrounding the concept of hunting big and small game with a device created in the 5th century BC was raging across the […]

Jim Crumley’s Secrets of Bowhunting Deer

  “Jim Crumley’s Secrets of Bowhunting Deer”   Jim Crumley, of Roanoke, Virginia, a longtime outdoor enthusiast, has spent most of his recreational time bowhunting for deer. His desire to learn new and better bowhunting techniques was one of the reasons he created Trebark camouflage. His love of bowhunting led Crumley to make his living […]

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