A True Artist Understands Wildlife Photography

   by Troutski Whether professional or hobbyist, the art of wildlife photography is just that – the creation of works of art that capture the beauty of Mother Nature and all the critters she oversees.   However, nature/wildlife photography and landscape photography are two different forms of this artistic creation. When it comes to wildlife […]

Whitaker’s Wonderful Wit and Wisdom

  Forest Whitaker The “Repentance” Interview with Kam Williams   Forest Whitaker is a distinguished artist and humanist. He is the founder of PeaceEarth Foundation, co-founder and chair of the International Institute for Peace and is the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Peace and Reconciliation. He is also a talented, versatile performer and one of Hollywood’s most accomplished figures. […]

Nerium… “Making People Better”

~by Betsy Smith Looking for an MLM with a heart? Check out what the Direct Selling News has to say about Nerium. Nerium clearly takes it’s mission of “Making People Better” to heart. Don’t let the fact that Nerium has been breaking all records in the industry make you think that they are only about […]

Home Business With FREE Unlimited Inventory! Nerium is a GAME CHANGER!

by Betsy Smith~ Home Business With FREE Unlimited Inventory! Nerium is a GAME CHANGER! Have you been in a home biz where you buy in to get started and that is just the beginning of the money you spend? Have you ever had an auto-ship that was $100-$300 every single month loading you down with […]

Today’s Recipe – Baked Stuffed Potatoes

  by Alfredo Zotti Cut three large potatoes in halves and with a small spoon, carefully scoop out the potato flesh, leaving six potato shells with a bit of flesh and skin. Squeeze with your hands the potato flesh that you have scooped out. You should see a real lot of water come out. Place […]

Use Your ‘Green’ Imagination on Valentine’s Day

     by Carmen Schwartz This is the day, ladies and gents. This is the day where romance is number one on everyone’s wish list. Celebrating are the couples who are the luckiest, who have spent decades together bringing children into the world, and are now enjoying those beloved grandchildren (really enjoying because they go […]

M(ighty) G(ood)

  by Peter Brav I’m not really sure when and where the initial connection between a red convertible and a life of opulence or excitement, or both, came about for me. Seems like Adam West may have driven one in the old Batman television series, but I wouldn’t swear to it, and James Coburn’s Our […]

Gay Celebrated as “The New Black” in Out-of-the-Closet Documentary

  The New Black Film Review by Kam Williams   The African-American community has been slow to get on the gay rights bandwagon, at least according to exit polls conducted on election days in states like California where the narrow defeat of same-sex marriage in 2008 was blamed on black folks. What’s up with that? After all, […]

Nerium AD Night and Day Combo Pack Special

by Betsy Smith Nerium AD Night and Day Combo Pack Special Nerium’s skincare products are rooted in nature, science, and high-impact ingredients. Our flagship product, NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment, contains the most effective ingredients available, including our exclusive, patented NAE-8 extract, which has powerful antioxidant properties that help reduce the appearance of many signs of aging. […]

Ever Wonder What An Animal Is Thinking?

By Diana Lynn~ Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking or if they are happy? Wondered what it would be like to chat with a gorilla? As an Animal Communicator, I have done these things. During the twenty years I spent as a raptor rehabilitator with my own Flight to Freedom sanctuary, I […]

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