Green Paints Are the Rage

  Don’t let the headline fool you – we’re not talking about paints especially made for the ‘Irish’ lover in all of us. We’re talking about the fact that each and every week there is information coming out about the building and construction industry – which, by the way, is an industry that is growing […]

Mid-Winter Roma Tomatoes in Earth Boxes

  Richard A. Hudson – In early October I started a mid winter garden on the back porch-lanai. We’re located in Florida, about 50 miles south of Tampa. It’s often cold and can even freeze now and then in November and January, but it’s been rather warmer than that the last two years. Thus, counting […]

The Green Minute: DOE Invites Folks for an Online Energy Pledge

With a little over 11 months left till 2014, you can still resolve to make 2013 an eco-friendly year. Last week, the Department of Energy (DOE), as part of the National Day of Service (Jan.19th) and 57th Inauguration celebration asked people to make a 2013 Energy Pledge. As a regular Green Register reader, you know […]

The Green Minute: Can Your Kids Save Energy with Your Guidance?

For today’s Green Minute, we are focusing on a few very simple tips that can help your children become energy efficiency “masters.” From our good friends at the Alliance to Save Energy, these tips are about getting your children involved in your efforts to save electricity. They are easy, fun and save money. Below is […]

The Green Minute: Ecotech Institute Introduces Clean Jobs Index

Today’s Green Minute is about “Clean Jobs” and the exciting new website and infographic our friends at the Ecotech Institute have produced to help people find an eco-friendly job. Visit and explore Ecotech Institute’s – Clean Jobs Index website. Bookmark it. Share it with friends on social media. Below is the press release from Ecotech […]

The Green Minute: Plan Green Travel Using EPA’s Checklist

Here at The Green Register, our staff and writers are constantly on the road traveling and promoting sustainability. Last week, one of our writers asked us to find a good “checklist” of eco-friendly travel tips to help him travel sustainably before, during and after his trip. We were fortunate to find a good list at […]

The Green Minute: What Celebs are Going Green in Vids

Today’s Green Minute features our final installment Live Earth PSAs that were produced 5 years ago describing ways individuals can conserve energy and take eco-friendly actions. The featured PSAs today come from comedian Chris Rock and model Naomi Campbell. Check them out: Chris Rock: Saving Energy by Keeping Air in Your Tires Naomi Campbell Promotes […]

The Green Minute: Green Use of Dishwasher Helps the Environment

One energy intensive household item our readers use 5-7 times a week is the dishwasher. So how can a few eco-friendly tips help you save energy and subsequently money? For today’s Green Minute here are actions you can take to make your dishwasher more efficient. Load the Dishwasher Properly Don’t rinse dishes off in the […]