BLM Needs Student Trainee Hydrologist

The Bureau of Land Management Student Career Experience Program has an opening for a Student Trainee Hydrologist, in the Sierra Front Field Office in Carson City.

The student must be currently enrolled, pursuing a degree in Hydrology or a related degree program. Students must be committed to their academic goals, highly motivated, energetic, flexible, and adaptable.

The Sierra Front Field Office manages 1.1 million acres of public land in the western portion of the Carson City District, including lands in Washoe, Storey, Carson City, Lyon, and Douglas counties in Nevada, and parts of Alpine, Lassen, and Plumas counties in California. The student will be a key member of a diverse staff that includes the following disciplines: rangeland management specialist, wildlife biologist, botanist, forester, geologist, archaeologist, realty specialist, outdoor recreation planner.

Work assignments will provide on-the-job, specialized work experience targeted to the full-performance duties of a Hydrologist as listed in the job specification. At the end of the training and completion of all academic program requirements, the selected student will be on track to perform as a fully functional Hydrologist at the appropriate grade level, and will be able to demonstrate understanding, progression, and mastery of the position’s required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

For more information, read the official documentation.