Annual Cowboy Poetry Week April 21 – 27


How will you celebrate the 12th annual Cowboy Poetry Week, April 21-27?  You can perform your poetry or music; be inspired by Art Spur; create an exhibit; get your schools, library, arts council, and community involved; or otherwise share your knowledge. Take part! initiated Cowboy Poetry Week. In April 2003, the United StatesSenate passed a resolution, with unanimous weekapproval, recognizing the celebration. Twenty-three states’ governors and other officials have recognized Cowboy Poetry Week, and many activities take place in communities across the West and beyond.

The outreach Rural Library Program is a central part of Cowboy Poetry Week. Each year libraries receive The BAR-D Roundup, a compilation of top classic and contemporary poetry, and the Western art poster. To suggest a library for inclusion,just email us the library’s address.

In 2013, Cowboy Poetry Week is made possible in part by generous support from the Margaret T. Morris Foundation; Laura and Edmund Wattis Littlefield, Jr.; and the individuals and organizations who support the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry, including those who responded to an important challenge donation in late
2012. (Won’t you join them in support of the BAR-D? Read more below.)

Find more ideas for getting involved in Cowboy Poetry Week and more about the celebration in features here at

COWBOY POETRY WEEK POSTER:  It’s an honor to have the stunning “Making Adjustments” (pictured above) by noted Arizona artist, poet, and fourth-generationrancher Shawn Cameron as the art for the official Cowboy Poetry Week poster.

Shawn Cameron’s family’s involvement in the state’s cattle business began over 135 years ago and today her children carry ranching into the fifth generation. Read more about her in our feature here: visit her site and blog,; and Like her Facebook page.

BAR-D supporters at the $40 level and above receive the Cowboy Poetry Week poster; posters are not sold. Become a supporter. Find more information belowMake a donation.

ART SPUR:  Shawn Cameron’s “Making Adjustments” is also featured as a specialCowboy Poetry Week Art Spur, the thirty-third Art Spur in a series that has included the works of Tim Cox, Bill Owen, R.S. Riddick, William Matthews, Tyler Crow, Joelle Smith, and many other fine artists and photographers.
Shawn Cameron comments on her inspiration for the painting, “I have spent my life watching cowboys work and noted the horses, equipment and attitudes they possess. The best ones are alert to what is ahead and prepare themselves accordingly. ‘Making Adjustments’ is a painting of a good hand, Toby Foote, checking his cinch before roping calves to be branded.”
Let your poetry or music be inspired by the painting and submit your work by April 15, 2013. Selected poems and songs will be posted during Cowboy Poetry Week.
Find more about the special Cowboy Poetry Week Art Spur here.

INFORMATION CARDS:  There are new full-color information cards with Shawn Cameron’s “Making Adjustments.” Each year, thanks to individuals and gathering organizers, many thousands of information cards are distributed.
You can help spread the word by requesting a supply that you can make available atgatherings, events, locations in your community, and anywhere you travel. Just email us.

THE BAR-D ROUNDUP:  This year’s BAR-D Roundup CD—the eighth volume—will beavailable this fall, a special collection of Christmas cowboy poetry.  It’s not too late to submit a CD or audio file with a Christmas poem for consideration, or to suggest poems for inclusion. Find more about all of the volumes of The BAR-D Roundup here.

BAR-D supporters at the $40 level and above receive The BAR-D Roundup. It’s another good reason to become a supporter. Find more information belowMake a donation.

BE A PART OF IT ALL:  How do we afford to produce the annual Western art poster and The BAR-D Roundup, maintain, and accomplish all of
the work of the Center? The answer is in the “we.” Individuals like you are the main source of support for the Center’s programs.

Does a small donation make a difference? Yes. Even if you can give just $10 or $20 annually, you will help sustain our programs in important ways.Your name on our list of donors can help show institutional funders that we have a wide base of community
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You can make your tax-deductible donation by mail (PO Box 695, St. Helena, CA 94574) or here by a secure, on-line credit card payment.

If you donate at the $40 level or above you will receive the 2013 Cowboy Poetry Week poster in early April (or sooner) and The BAR-D Roundup: Volume 8 this fall.

We’re headed toward a great 12th annual Cowboy Poetry Week. Email us about your Cowboy Poetry Week events and activities, share your ideas.

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